Lightways decoration

Carlton House Terrace

We were completing a project of repainting 3 lightways to make nice and fresh look.

Pressure Washing

IOD, Pall Mall

We always get great results when we use hot water pressure cleaning.

After 4 weeks of very difficult cleaning we achieve great result. Our hard work gives the building a final wow factor, without damaging any stone or ornaments.

Concrete Repair

Holiday Inn, Kensington

All buildings need exterior maintenance over the course of their useful life.

Yet when that building elevation is over 270 ft, maintenance is not easy and rope access is the best choice. Over week of work and hundreds of defects to infill now the whole elevation is still in good shape and watertight.

Bird Proofing

King’s College London

Pigeon proofing work were carried out in few different locations. Before any installation all areas have been cleared and sprayed with biocide to eliminate any potential disease caused by pigeon droppings.

We have used few types of bird proofing methods as netting, spikes and bird free gel.

Window Cleaning

Aviation House

Project include combination of window and cladding cleaning.

Whatever your rope access cleaning requirements, you can be assured that our skilled rope access teams can access your high rise building safely.


Aviation House

Rainwater can easily find its way into your roof causing big problems with rotting structure and leaks. Our expert roofing team have found all potential defects and decide to use Kemperol product for log lasting waterproofing result and 100 % client satisfaction.

Facade Renovation

Warrington Crescent

Whether you’re looking to revitalize a single facade or embark on a comprehensive full external building transformation, our team of skilled professionals is here to turn your dreams into reality. With our meticulous attention to detail and a passion for excellence, we have earned a reputation for delivering outstanding results that exceed expectations.

Post Construction Cleaning & Snagging

Woolwich Arsenal Riverside

Having dirty windows and snagging at a time of handover can become costly, not to mention tarnish your reputation.
It’s necessary to have a partner that knows exactly where to clean your building and windows and inspect any snagging to avoid the cost of liquidated damages.
Our high-quality rope access teams can provide you with a clean exterior to a high standard and notify you of any defects or damages to the building’s facade, glazing and architectural aluminium products.


New Capital Quay

Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer. In construction, cladding is used to provide a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance, and to improve the appearance of buildings.

Sash Window Restoration

Leadenhall Street

We are specialists in the repair and restoration of sash windows and we take pride in making your windows look as good as they did when your house was originally build.

Safety Netting

Treadneedle Street

Protecting workers or sensitive locations below. From bridges to busy construction sites, debris netting catches falling debris, and reduces your chance of personal or property claims due to falling objects.
The services we are providing are suitable for a wide range of applications and we can adapt our safety systems to any building facades or ceiling.